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A peek behind the curtain into my playwriting process. Information on the TV show I host, Cue To Cue. Reviews of theater productions. Current and archived coverage of the Minnesota Fringe Festival - 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, and 2003 (yup, I'm in my sixth year of trying to get my arms around that August theatrical free-for-all). All that, plus some tentative first offerings of online writing done for my friend's website Past, present, and future. Feel free to dig in anywhere, and help shape upcoming posts by dropping me a line

"Don't worry. It's not loaded. (BANG) I lied."

"I'm part of a writing group that's been ongoing now for a number of years. And we've gotten to a place where we need some new blood..."

"Heads up for those of you needing a good laugh (and who doesn't?)..."

"The Hey, Where'd Everybody Go? Award..."

"Series 1 - The It Doesn't Matter When You Apply Award, Damn That Was Easy Award, Squeaker Award, Not Long To Wait Award, Red Badge of Courage Award..."

"And so, my obsessive-compulsive disorder reasserts itself - six months early..."

"In Case You Were Wondering... Fringe Encore shows are..."

“It’s just a phone. You don’t have to answer it.”

“I’ve been waiting for this date for six hundred years.”

“I kind of overdid it with the furniture polish. There’s enough in there to kill two horses.”

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