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Cast & Production Needs


Production History

Front room of Graham's home in the not too distant future.

Doorway of some sort for Nora to enter.

The remains of LN - a robot that looks like a cross between a large dog and a small horse. It is still.

NOTE ON CASTING: Please feel free to mix things up in terms of age, ethnicity, gender or physical ability. If they're young it means one thing, if they're old, it means another. And there's no sense in making the future look lily white if you don't have to.

Cast of Characters


male, human, bereft and bewildered owner of a malfunctioning house robot


female, human, robot technician/grief counselor

LN (Ellen)

female voice of Graham's primary house robot, LN7A30P9X, which has reached the end of its "life"

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