This Isn't A Horror Story

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In and around a nursing home
on the island of Martha’s Vineyard
off the coast of the state of Massachusetts
in the United States of America

2010 to 2014

(CASTING NOTE: Please feel free to mix up the ethnicity of any and all of these characters. It isn't an all white world, the stage should reflect that.

Also, if you're feeling particularly ambitious, I have no objection to your flipping the script and making it a daughter and mother story rather than son and father. You could also jump to the other side of the sexuality divide and make it a two dad or two mom family if you want to. The experience translates, with a change of pronouns and names here and there. This is just where the story started.)

Primary needs are simple: a wheelchair, a hospital bed, a chair - the key is to let light, actors and dialogue set the place rather than a busy, literal physical setting, so that scenes can flow easily from one scene to the next

Cast of Characters


a gay man in his late 40s, early 50s


(Ralph) Davids father, 70s/80s


Ralphs wife, Davids stepmother, 60s/70s

Ensemble Woman

(plays the following roles:)
- Phyllis, runs a memory group for those living with Alzheimers and other forms of dementia
- Carol, member of Dads memory group with Phyllis
- Hope, a nursing aid

© Matthew A Everett