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Time - Autumn 2015, alternating with Autumn 2014


Location should be suggested simply, so the play can move from place to place and present to past and back again quickly and smoothly – pools of light and the basics to set the scene are all you really need*

Jake’s place: including the bedroom, the kitchen, the front door, and a place where Robin can give Ken the third degree

A short row of theater seats

Jake’s car

A table for two at an all-night diner

A hospital room

A pool of light out of time where the characters can read from Jake’s journal or sing Ken’s song for Jake, or where Ken, Robin and Jamie can appear on phone calls, Jake can meet with his Agent, Jasper can send his email and Becca can send her letter

*[For instance: there’s a lot of physical comedy going on which involves a door in the last scene, but it doesn’t need a wall; it can just be a free-standing door in a frame. When you’re in Jake’s kitchen, it doesn’t need to be a real stove, just some box-like unit the height and size of a stove you can use for other things in other parts of the play. There doesn’t need to be food or an open flame, the frying pan and the spoon with a taste for Ken can be empty. The play’s pretty meta and theatrical anyway.
Don’t be literal.
Simplify and make your life easier.]

(Casting note: In the scene right before the end of the first act, Jamie refers to Jake’s “straight white male privilege” but you can feel free to drop the “white” for any and all of these characters. Please consider race to be totally open. Mix it up.)

Cast of Characters

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