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Week of February 9, 2020

Coming Up...

Threshold Theater - Script Development

The work on turning TV Boyfriend into a two-person play continues through the bi-weekly writing group.  The director for Spellbound and I will be meeting in the not too distant future again, this time to go through the play scene by scene, line by line, figure out where the questions and concerns may lie for him.  Also still collecting and incorporating Spellbound feedback from select friends and fellow writers with greater subject knowledge than me.

Theater Reviews

New year, new reviews - slowly getting back into theater spectating and reviewing again after a tumultuous family time in 2019. The first couple of reviews for 2020 - a fascinating and funny 5-star meditation on the nature of love, marriage and independence in A Doll's House Part 2 at the Jungle Theater (now thru 2/23), plua a charming 4.5 star musical, also on the ups and downs of love and marriage from Bucket Brigade Theater, their annual Valentine's season event 'Til Death, A Marriage Musical (now thru 2/22)

Grief Stuff - Milestones, the first birthdays

Mom's birthday was yesterday. Dad's birthday will be next Sunday. Hadn't updated this page since shortly before Dad's funeral. We got through the holidays, got Mom's house sold, now I'm working with the estate lawyer to close out all the loose ends on the estate.  Much done, much yet to do. Started therapy four weeks ago, after languishing so long on the waiting list with the Center for Grief and Loss that I forgot I was still waiting. Meanwhile, in other writing news, the Caring Bridge page to follow Mom's illness and treatment has become a grief journal, now for both parents.

Fringe Blogging

Survived my first Minnesota Fringe Festival in 17 years without Mom by my side, thanks to some amazing friends all over the Fringe community making sure I felt surrounded by the love of people who care, because they knew her and missed her, too.  The Fringe staff created an award to honor an outstanding audience member and named it for Mom, calling it The Beverlee. Got myself to a show in every slot (55), which day to day was its own little miracle. I saw a lot of great stuff - 5 star shows, 4.5 star shows - and some decent stuff - 4 stars shows, 3.5 star shows - and some not so great stuff - 2.5 star shows, 2 star shows. You can compare how it turned out to what I was anticipating by looking at my pre-Fringe Top 10 list, and a Top 11-20 listMy schedule is posted, as well as meditations on returning favorites, and shows I just can't watch right now that are still worth a look for someone who didn't just lose their mom.


Here, if you're curious


Here, if you're curious

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My plays are being uploaded here as well, if you have a membership to read.

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