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Week of July 3, 2016

Coming Up...

TEASE is this Friday, July 8th - featuring a scene from "TV Boyfriend"

T.E.A.S.E. (The Easy Access Script Experience) is Little Lifeboats' way of connecting local new plays and playwrights with local theaters that produce new work.  I'm grateful to have been part of the process from the beginning (with scenes from How To Date A Werewolf, Heaven and Home, The Hopes and Fears of All The Years, and Love's Prick getting showcased in the first four years). This year, they've decided to include a scene from TV Boyfriend (which I still need to load on the site here).  It's been great working with my director Chris Garza and actors David Schlosser and William Phelps. I'm excited to share the good work they've done with bringing Ken and Jake to life with an audience this Friday.  The deadline of TEASE got me to do some serious rewrites, polishing the script, adding new material and streamlining the old.  The play feels ready.  The process got chronicled daily on my Twitter feed at

Fringe Blogging

The 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival website is live.  Mom's got her schedule set for her opening week visit to me and the festival.  Now we just need to figure out which shows to see.  And there's 169 to choose from.  Off we go.


My guitar teacher is off touring with Soul Asylum for a month and a half, so I have a substitute teacher.  We've gone down the rabbit hole of music theory and songwriting.  A bit mind-boggling but fun.  As always, my fumbling fingers take a while to catch up to my brain.

Theater Reviews

Curently running through the end of the month is Jungle Theater's production of the smart, funny, slightly exasperating new gay romantic comedy Le Switch.

Other recent reviews for past shows include: Skewed Visions' EX(remade), Gadfly Theater's Final Frontier new short play festival, Heroes and Villains edition; Park Square's Sons of the Prophet, Sandbox Theatre's Queens, Theatre Coup d'Etat's The Glass Menagerie, Walking Shadow's The Christians, 20% Theatre Company's 3rd annual Q-Stage showcase of new queer work - Set A, also Set B; Live Action Set's The Sparrow, Swandive Theatre's Kid Simple, a radio play in the flesh, Mixed Blood's Charm, Mission Theatre's Everything's Free, Workhaus Collective's Lasso of Truth, Theatre Coup d'Etat's Fight Night, Classical Actors Ensemble's spring rep of Julius Caesar and Macbeth, Nautilus Music Theater's The Fantasticks, Billy Mullaney's Semester Project, Lecture 1; Open Window Theatre's Everyman, Savage Umbrella's June, Walking Shadow's The Aliens, Sheep Theater's Tamburlaine, and Small Art's You Bring The Party.

Mistletoe #1 to be published!

Mistletoe #1 is slated to be part of Smith and Kraus publishers' upcoming anthology "105 Five-Minute Plays for Study and Performance," due out August 2016.  Along with Mistletoe #2 through #4, and Pitching Christmas #1 through #3, Mistletoe #1 was part of Little Lifeboats' 2015 holiday show "I Never Eat December Snowflakes."  (All of which reminds me, I need to upload those scripts to this website.  And hey, if you're planning ahead and looking for some holiday shorts, all of the Mistletoe and Pitching Christmas scripts are part of my Short Plays Volume 4)

20 Years of Plays In the Twin Cities

Polishing up my bio and compiling a list of produced works to be part of Smith and Kraus' Online Author Database, I was reminded of the fact that this month is the 20th anniversary of my very first production in Minneapolis - Heave and Home.  (My mother jokingly refers to the script as her first grandchild.) If that play were an actual child, it is already old enough to drive and vote, and is almost old enough to drink.  Yikes. (You can find it in eBook or paperback form here.)

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