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Week of January 29, 2017

Coming Up...

Art Shanty Play Project - Create A Play On The Bus starts this Sunday, February 5

First performances of Create A Play On The Bus are this coming Sunday February 5th at 3pm and 3:30pm. FREE and open to the public. Come join Michael Hentges, David Schlosser, and myself as we guide the audience through creating a play in under half an hour on Valerie Borey's Vehicle of Expression in the Art Shanty Projects community out on frozen White Bear Lake. I've posted a fuller description with dates, times, cast and playwright list. Check out the full list of shanties and performances you can come visit on White Bear Lake next month - full schedule here and directions here. Performances will be 3pm and 3:30pm every weekend in February, starting Sunday 2/5.

Monologue Madness Begins - Actor Videos due next Thursday, 2/9

My friends at Little Lifeboats asked me and three other local playwrights (Christina Castro, Abby Swafford and Duck Washington) to write a new monologue that could work in two lengths: a two to three minute section for initial use, then a full length of around eight minutes for the grand finale of an event called Monologue Madness (modeled after a March basketball competition I think we've all heard of by now). The call has gone out for local Twin Cities actors to post a video recording of the short version of these monologues by February 9th. Little Lifeboats will then determine their Sweet Sixteen to initially load up their bracket. Online voters from the general public determine who moves on to the next two rounds. On March 28th at the Bryant Lake Bowl, the Final Four actors will compete live with the full eight minute versions of the monologues. The live audience votes for the winner (both actor and monologue), who both get a prize. Once the bracket goes live for voting, I'll post a link. Meanwhile, actors, go to the posting and record your best shot at the speeches. I'm very interested to see different people's interpretation of the monologue I wrote. Watch this space...

Theater Reviews

Newly posted: review of Illusion Theater's Middle East CIA drama Miranda, through 2/18

The new theater for the new year is piling up: 7th House Theater's Rhinoceros; Sandbox Theatre's Big Money; Mosaic Productions' Almost, Maine.

Posted a Top Ten list (of what I saw) for theater in 2016, with links to pretty much everything I wrote about good, bad and indifferent over the past year.  Check it out.


Here's why I read my last think piece on the death of American democracy back on December 1st, and some helpful hints for living under the new regime from a historian who's seen it all before.


Looking forward to my guitar teacher Ryan Smith's songwriting class that starts next week.  I need a song for my new play, so I might as well get started. In my regular lessons, we're reviewing the basics of individual notes, so I'm better at sounding things out - not everything can be done with chords. He's trying to help me learn how to recognize things by ear.  This will be a slow process, which he of course makes look ridiculously easy. Also cuing up the latest song to learn for playing in a student showcase, Lyle Lovett's "God Will." Meanwhile, now that the song for TV Boyfriend, "A Guy Who Can Fly," is all tidied up in sheet music form, the next project is to do the same for the first of the songs I'm redoing for the play Love's Prick - the St. Valentine song.

Mistletoe #1 and #2 to be published!

Mistletoe #1 and #2 are slated to be part of Smith and Kraus publishers' upcoming anthology "105 Five-Minute Plays for Study and Performance," due out this spring.  Along with Mistletoe #3 and #4, and Pitching Christmas #1 through #3, Mistletoe #1 and #2 were part of Little Lifeboats' 2015 holiday show "I Never Eat December Snowflakes."  (All of which reminds me, I need to upload those scripts to this website.  And hey, if you're planning ahead and looking for some holiday shorts, all of the Mistletoe and Pitching Christmas scripts are part of my Short Plays Volume 4)

Fringe Blogging

The Top Ten post also had a Fringe-specific Top Ten for 2016, if you're curious.  My 2016 coverage of the Minnesota Fringe Festival in its entirety can be found in my blog's Fringe archive for 2016.


Here, if you're curious

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