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Weeks of March 28 to April 10, 2010

My latest endeavors...

Happy First Birthday to my goddaughter Ursula!

And happy 97th birthday to my grandma Dorothy!

LEAVE is getting a workout

LEAVE 2008 logo

I'll be revisiting the "gays in the military" drama for potential rewrites in two venues over the coming months. First up, Leave has been chosen to be part of the


May 29 to June 5, 2010 down in Omaha, NE

I have a chance to get out of town for a week and just be a wirter. I'll be working again with my Yalie friend Martin Marchitto as director, so I'm sure he'll provide me with new insights. We're talking about casting now. Leave will also be the


February 2011, dates TBA

Artistic Director Matt Greseth and I have already had a very lively and helpful discussion about the script, and possible places to look to expand on situations, characters and the subject matter of the 2008 production draft. You can check out scenes and monologues from the one-act version here, and the full script is available for purchase online here. We'll see where it all leads...

LONESOME, WILD & BLUE (or How To Date A Werewolf)

is closed now. The first additional performance on 3/22 as planned, but Thirst Theater needed to cancel the 4/5 date due to extenuating circumstances. I learned a lot from seeing the characters in front of an audience, and the larger play continues to develop. I'll keep you posted.


Two Left Feet

When only a foot comes home from the war, how do their loved ones left behind move on? That's the subject of the absurdist comedy Two Left Feet...

"I shouldn’t. I have a foot at home."


I've been looping back to start spotlighting all the monologues I recommended as some of my best (below) - two per week, one for the ladies, one for the gentlemen (and feel free to pillage across gender lines if you like the material)...

FOR THE LADIES...Renee Werbowski in The Surface of the World

Speaking of versions of Leave, here a couple of speeches from its previous incarnation, The Surface Of The World - first, Emma learns she had more in common with her father than she imagined, a shared ritual for hospital visits...

"I was fine if I had a list and I just didn't let myself think."


William Leaf and Jamison Haase in The Surface of the World

Then Emma's brother Nichoas marvels aloud to his lover Seth about how the absence of his father and the rest of the family seems to have changed the physical nature of the house...

"I just never realized how big this house was until it was empty."


The centralized searchable database for all the scenes and monologues on the site is up and running!

Monologues for men. Monologues for women. Scenes for men. Scenes for women. Scenes for men and women together. It's all here for your perusal. Click on the "Monologue Search" or "Scene Search" functions in the menu at the left, or just click here. (Find something you like? Full scripts are also available online here)


CJ finds herself in a lose-lose situation when her brother invites not just her, but the entire White House staff, to his gay wedding ceremony, in a scene from the TV spec script The West Wing: Friends of the Groom...

"Gay activists are always lobbying for more protections. So now you’re saying, ‘Forget about all that, we’ve changed our minds’?"

Click on the links and pictures above or visit these plays by going to the Plays & Musicals or Screenplays & TV Scripts sections and clicking on their titles there.


the dandelion snow cycle

which of course leads here...William Leaf in Dandelion Snow

Ethan and Molly - The Hopes and Fears of All The YearsSAMPLE SONGS...

from the Christmas musical, The Hopes and Fears of All the Years

Find, download and listen to these songs in the Hopes and Fears... section of the Plays and Musicals area of this site or just click here.


Please contact me.

Feel free to use the scenes and monologues for auditions or classes if you like (and drop me a note and let me know how it went).

So, take a look around and tell me what you think. I'm going to get back to work on those upgrades.


I thought I'd do the same thing I just did for my actor friend (below) - pulling together a short list of monologues I recommend on the site as likely prospects for audition material. (If you have other suggestions for ones you like, drop me a line...)

First, a couple of published monologues, here and here, from the award-winning haunted love story Heaven and Home (the full script of which is available for purchase here). Then some unpublished ones from The Surface of the World - here, here, here, here, and here. Then two different versions of same character and same opening speech across two different plays - the Duchess appears in the one-act But Not For Love (full script available for purchase here), and also in the full-length Love's Prick, and her opening salvo can be found here as well as here. Three more unpublished speeches from Heaven and Home, here, here, and here. Also one from The Hopes and Fears of All The Years here. Then, something new here from the latest play, Leave. After the production of "Leave" was tucked away, the list was restarted with a trio of related monologues from Roz in the Thirst play Dents - here, here and here. (the full text of this and other Thirst plays is available for purchase as part of Short Plays Volume 2 here). Followed by speech here from the romantic comedy Studpuppy (the full script of which is available for purchase here). A couple - here and here and here - from the screenplay Make Me. Plus, two more - here and here from the TV spec script Ally McBeal - Posthumous Love Songs.


An actor friend of mine emailed me the following plea recently...

"Hey you have a good 2 - 3 minute serious monologue??? I LOATHE having to find new monologues. I think I would rather vomit like 8 times...ok, maybe just once-but you get my drift!!! LORDY! I am trying to expand my rep and I am coming to a road block! YIKES!"

First, I offered up this one (from the original version of The Surface of the World) and this one (from But Not For Love) as a couple of my favorites. Next up, four published ones here, here, here and here, (the first three from Surface, the last from Heaven and Home). Followed by two more from But Not For Love, here and here (the full script of which is available for purchase here). Then a couple from the award-winning haunted love story Heaven and Home here and here (the full script of which is available for purchase here). Then one from The Surface of the World (here), and one from Studpuppy (here - the full script of which is available for purchase here). Finally one from the Dandelion Snow cycle of short plays (here) and one from the Thirst collection (here - both full scripts are available in Short Plays Volume 2, available for purchase here)


This is just going to take a whole lot of rolling up my sleeves and getting the grunt work done. Some data was lost, so it needs to be reloaded, and proofed, and tagged, and otherwise just futzed over until it's ready for public consumption, much like the original site - only when this new iteration is done, I'll have a lot more flexibility, and a lot more connectability and searchability with the rest of the world wide webisphere. Time to start investing in the background, so the foreground situation improves in the long run. Just imagine a lot of huffing and puffing behind the scenes, and you'd be about right. More to come (I promise - and hopefully soon)...


Still have a couple of new covers in development, and another pair of scripts that just got out of the proofing stages that will need a makeover on their generic covers. So, the new year brings new work for the artist James Fish who I've been working with on the project. Meanwhile, check out...

the award-winning full-length play, the haunted love story

Heaven and Home Heaven and Home cover designed by James Fish (sample scenes here, monologues here); available for purchase here

plus some shorts (Short Plays, volume 2, to be exact), including

Short Plays 2 cover designed by James Fish the Dandelion Snow cycle (Dandelion Snow, Across Their River, Extra Cheese, & Tools) (sample scenes here, monologues here) and Thirst plays (Invisible, Head Above Water, Dents, and Template) (sample scenes here, monologues here), (all in volume 2, available for purchase here);

The other current short play collection Short Plays 1 Lulu cover by James Fish(for adults), including The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon, All Hallows' Eve, and Blight (volume 1) (sample scenes here, here and here; monologues here); also redesigned on the outside are...

Cover art for But Not For Love by Drew BentleyThe first result of the book cover makeover project is the great new cover (designed by Drew Bentley) for the wedding comedy-drama But Not For Love (commissioned and first produced at Allegheny College) available for purchase here,where you can get a look at the cover in a larger size (sample scenes here, monologues here);

Medea & Jason: Rubicon Waltz- Medea & Jason poster artis another recent addition to the library in terms of content (sample scenes here on the site, full script available for purchase here). We also have...

Leave logo

one of Lavender Magazine's Top 10 Theater Productions of 2008, the gays in the military drama, Leave (which Lulu decided to start marketing with Amazon as well, but it's cheaper here) - sample scenes can be found here on the site, and monologues here;

still to get a facelift are: another Allegheny College commissioned one-act -

Studpuppy Studpuppy Lulu Cover (sample scenes here, monologues here), and

plays for young actors and audiences Young Plays 1 Lulu Cover - created for Starting Gate Productions (How The Coyote Stole Fire) (sample scenes here) and Pillsbury House Theater's nationallly recognized Chicago Avenue Project (Bethesda, Dr. Worm, Champion of Breakfast, and Snowball's Chance) (sample scenes here, here, here, and here);

and last but not least, with a cover just fine the way it is, a fundraising volume for Theatre Unbound, volume 1 of selected scripts from their 24 Hour Play Project,

24 Hour Plays 1 Lulu Cover written with Anne Bertram (Hunt For the Bus Monkey, Feather Duster, Touched By A Handbag, Accessories, and 2008's multiple road trip excuse, Dog Tag (sample scenes here, here, and here; monologues here) - all profits from the 24 Hour Play collection go to support Theatre Unbound).

Check out the offerings of the script store - click on the titles or script covers, or go to the main store page at

Of course, excerpts from all these plays will still be available for viewing here, but for the full text, you now have a place you can go. Can't wait for a hard copy? There's also a handy (and immediate) download option - cheaper, since you have to print that yourself.

Familiar with any of the plays? - Hop on over and post a friendly review.


(Folks, if I want to finally get an update posted today, this little section is going to need a more gradual update, rebooting for the new year, which is already off and running at many theaters. Check out the theater website links below and I promise I'll have more soon)


Also on tap right now, productions at... Plymouth Playhouse (ongoing), and Actors Theater of Minnesota (bingo edition, ongoing) and Deer Camp edition at the Camp Bar (ongoing)

(sections to be updated include...)

Closing This Week...

This Week Only...

Opening This Week...

Closing Next Week...

Next Week Only...

Opening Next Week...

(so check out all the handy links while you wait...)

Plus, an ever-changing and diverse roster of good stuff on hand at venues such as Balls, Bedlam, Black Forest Inn, Brave New Workshop, Bryant Lake Bowl, Center for Independent Artists, Cinema Lounge (every third Wednesday at the Bryant Lake Bowl) Death Comedy Jam (every Wednesday at 10pm at Grumpy's Bar - hosted by the Grin Reaper), Dreamland Arts, Hennepin Theater District (Hennepin Stages, Orpheum, Pantages & State Theaters), Improv-A-Go-Go (every Sunday), Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, Intermedia Arts, The Lab Theater, The Loft/Open Book, Lowry Lab, Monday Night Improv, poetry readings at Nina's Cafe, Old Arizona, Ordway, Parkway Theatre, Patrick's Cabaret, the Paul & Sheila Wellstone Center, the Ritz, Riverview Theater, Sample Night Live (first Wednesday of the month), Six Ring Circus (Tuesday night long form improv), Slam MN (4th Tues of the month at Kieran's Irish Pub) with your hosts Allison Boeren and Wonder Dave, the Southern Theater, Walker Art Center, and the West Bank Arts Quarter at the U of M, Word Ninjas (first Tuesday of each month at Kieran's Irish Pub), in addition to the open mic travels of award-winning local comic Ben Sandel, the storytelling workshops and performances of Nancy Donoval, musical theater creator Kenny Kiser, former Minneapolis (now LA based) actor/magician/comedian Derek Hughes, and a whole lot more...

For instance, check out the links to the following theater, dance and other performance companies and see what what they're up to next - Actors Theater of Minnesota, Alternative Artist Collective, ARTisphere Theatre, Ballet of the Dolls, Bedlam Theatre, Alan Berks, Black Label Movement, Bloomington Civic Theater, Blue Umbrella Productions, Bridge Productions, The Brink, Buckets and Tap Shoes, Buffalo Gal Productions, Burning House Group, CalibanCo Theatre, Cantus, Carlyle Brown & Company, Chanhassen Dinner Theater, Chicago Avenue Project, Children's Theatre Company, Cityceased, Civic Stage, Clapperclaw Music & Arts Festival, Commedia Beauregard, Commonweal Theatre, Cromulent Shakespeare Company, 8 Ball Theatre, Emigrant Theater, Ensemble Productions, Ethnic Dance Theatre, Jon Ferguson Theater, Flaneur Productions, The Flower Shop Project, Flying Foot Forum, Fort Wilson Riot, Four Humors Theater, Frank Theater, Gallery Theater Company, Girl Friday Productions, Gremlin Theatre, Guthrie, Hang Kitty Productions, Hardcover Theater, Jon Hassler Theater, History Theatre, Huge Theater, Illusion Theater, In The Basement Productions, In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, Jungle Theater, Kaleidescope Theatre, Kaotic Good Productions, Katha Dance Theatre, Keane Sense of Rhythm, The Lab Theater, Lakeshore Players, Lamb Lays With Lion, Elise Langer, Lex-Ham Community Theater, Lili's Burlesque Revue, Live Action Set, Lyric Arts Company, Martini & Olive, Maximum Verbosity, The Mechanical Division, Minneapolis Musical Theatre, Minnesota Dance Theatre, Minnesota Jewish Theatre, Minnesota Shakes, Minnesota Shakespeare Project, Mixed Blood, Mixed Precipitation, Dave Mondy and friends - The Radio All Stars, Mounds Theatre, The Moustache Rangers, Mu Performing Arts, Nautilus Music Theater, New Theatre Group, Nightpath Theatre, Nimbus Theater, No Refunds Theater, Off-Leash Area, Old Gem Theater, Old Log Theater, Olson Brothers Entertainment, Open Eye Figure Theater, Open Book, Outward Spiral, Paneer Project, Panda Sandwich, Pangea World Theater, Park Square Theatre, Paul Bunyan Playhouse, Pendulum Theater, Penumbra Theatre, People Sittin' Around Doin' Theatre, Perpetual Motion Theater Company, Pigs Eye Theatre, Pillsbury House Theater, Questionable Company Theatre, Ragamala Music & Dance Theater, The Recovery Party, Red Eye, Red Letter Theater, Rockstar Storytellers (check out their new video and CD, or the 3 Minute Egg coverage), Ronin Theater Company, Sabes JCC, Sandbox Theatre, the Scrimshaw Brothers, James Sewell Ballet, Skewed Visions, Sossy Mechanics, Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater (SPDT), Spirit In The House, Splendid Things Improv, Stages Theatre, Starting Gate, SteppingStone Theatre, The Strange Capers, Survivors of the Undead Plague, Swandive Theatre, Swearing Jack, Table Salt Productions, Teatro del Pueblo, Tellabration, Ten Thousand Things, Theatre Arlo, Theater for the Thirsty, Theatre In The Round Players (TRP), Theater Latte Da, Theatre L'Homme Dieu, Theatre Limina, Theatre of Fools, Theater OR, Theatre Pro Rata, Theatre Unbound, Third Rabbit Dance, Thirst Theater, 3am Productions, 3 Sticks Theatre Company, Torch Theater, TU Dance, 20% Theatre Company, Twin Cities Chekhov Festival, Twin Cities Improv Festival, Twin Cities Magic, Twin Cities Metropolitan Ballet, University of Minnesota Theatre, Upright Egg, Urban Samurai Productions, Tim Uren, Vilification Tennis, Walking Boxes, Walking Shadow, Wild Yam Cabaret, Women Stand Up, Workhaus Collective, Workhouse Theatre Co., Yellow Tree Theatre, Youth Performance Company, zAmya Theatre Project, Zenon Dance Company, Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre, plus my friend Jesse's Obie-winning NYC company Red Bull, my friend Heather's NYC theater Retro Productions, and the group my friend Galway works with in NYC, Stone Soup, and in Chicago, our Fringe friends from Shantz Theatre

You can also find a lot of good information and links (plus handy discounts) in the button discounts section of the Fringe website and through the calendar on the Ivey Awards website, which I highly recommend as a handy tool. Sign up for their email updates and post your own reviews, too. A boatload of info (including podcasts with theater artists) lives on Many reviews and further info also hangs out at Still more can be found at MN Artists Online. And while you're at it, check out or the delightfully snarky FringeFamous, or , plus the show listings with UptownTix or Brown Paper Tickets or Theater Mania (or, you know, all of 'em, just for fun)


I received an interesting challenge of sorts in my e-mail box...

"...I was just wondering if you had any monologues on your site that did not concentrate on homosexual relationships..."

Why, yes. Yes, there are. Click here to learn more about the results of the scavenger hunt...


The writing group I'm part of is always interested in some new blood. We're currently in the midst of our fall run of meetings, and new folks are sitting in and giving it a try. Check out the details and let me know if you're interested. We're also always looking for actor friends to come in and help us read the works in progress. Contact me about that, too. Thanks to all who have expressed their interest thus far. The group looks forward to meeting you.

FRINGE BLOG 2010...Fringe Festival Logo

The Fringe Lottery has come and gone. Now the preparations begin for some, the waiting game begins for others, but a new Fringe season is under way. And eventually I'll get around to blogging about it (but I have to get my taxes and some other organization offline behind me first).

Meanwhile, enjoy the podcast I did with Joshua Humphrey over on - a three part 2009 Fringe Decompression gabfest with him and Nick Decker. It was a hell of a lot of fun to do, and you might have an equally good time listening in - part one here, part two here and part three here.

The Minnesota Fringe Festival is over, but I'm still cleaning up the blogging duties. Still some reviews to post, and a lot to archive over here on the site. I'll be posting everything first on Twin Cities Daily Planet and Handy links to the full list of 2009 posts are here. Archives of all past coverage are also available. Click on the year to gain access to the coverage of 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, and 2003, plus blogging from the time between the 2008 and 2009 Fringes, if you're interested. To think that seven years ago, I had no idea what a blog was...


Four of my 2009 Fringe reviews were for - Love Me Or Die, Bard Fiction, Rumspringa The Musical, and Fearsome Critter. I'm actually starting to get paid to write about theater, which is really cool. Some other samples... The article I wrote for the community arts website, covering last year's Twin Cities Improv Festival. You can view it here. And get out and see some improv comedy - it's incredibly active year round (not just on festival weekend), and a heck of a lot of fun. There's also write-ups I've done for about Penumbra Theatre's production of Fences, Walking Shadow's production of Amazons and Their Men, Sandbox Theatre's production of The Horse, The Bird, The Monkey & The Dancer, a profile on Yellow Tree Theatre as they prepared for their recent unexpected world premiere holiday show, and a profile of the co-production by Workhouse Theatre and Hardcover Theater, adapting three "Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children" for the stage.... (I'll archive them here on the site, too, as their exclusive online runs come to a close...). Next was a feature on the Rockstar Storytellers.


I was invited to sit in as a guest on a podcast for Joshua Humphrey's site with Alan Berks of and David de Young of, about performing arts coverage online - listen in, if you like...


Medea & Jason: Rubicon Waltz is now available for purchase online. The local press called the Iowa Western Community College production "an actor's delight" and "a fresh take on love gone wrong" in reviews and articles archived here and here. And even though the production itself wasn't chosen to go on to the regional level, IWCC is submitting the script for consideration for one of the playwriting awards, which is nice of them. Hopefully just the first of many collaborations with IWCC. Time will tell. More pics to be posted. Meantime, I've managed to get some scenes posted here online . It'll be our featured script for the week again but click over and check it all out. More blogging ahead, too, but while waiting for the new content, you can read some of my initial musings on the process here, here, here, here, and here.


A plug the article I wrote for my friends' local theater site They asked me what I'd do if given the opportunity to program a season of theater. I'd get some local writers' work up on stage. Who, what and why? Well, read on, why don't you...?


One of my life's little ironies: If you work in theater, you often don't have the money to attend theater. However, I'm not above the barter system. Would you like to see a review of your production on this site? Offer me a ticket to come see one of your performances. Curious? For more details, click here.

LOVE'S PRICKLove's Prick Logo

Time to review all the DVD transfers of the tapes of the workshop performances and post-show discussions to help jumpstart the rewrite process. Workshop done, paperwork filed with the Minnesota State Arts Board, time to gather the feedback, review the disks and gather together the ideas on the next phase of the development for Love's Prick. I think I know where the rewrites are going. We'll see how it turns out. The continuing blog on the process can be found here...


Still prodding the new script into life via writing challenges from the biweekly group meetings. That, and the other side projects, make it all slow going, but at least it's progress. Taking the same approach as I just used on "As You Like It" with another of my favorite plays, Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya." The blog on the new play's progress can be found here...


The opening monologue from Studpuppy is part of Playwrights' Center Monologues for Men. You can go to Hienemann publishers website ( and get all the details there (you can download pdf of the table of contents to check out all the authors and plays involved - or just check out the links to my samplers of everyone below), and purchase your very own copy. There's also a companion volume, of course, Playwrights' Center Monologues for Women, featuring still more of my friends' work, so check that out and add that to your bookshelf as well.

In addition to the Hienemann site, you can also purchase the book at and Barnes & (just click those links or search for Playwrights' Center.) You can preview the Studpuppy monologue by clicking on the link below:

"So here's the story of how I turned into a dog."


FOR MEN and...


I put together a set of sample lines from all the other monologues in the Monologues for Men collection from The Playwrights' Center (as well as Monologues for Women collection) to give you a look at the range of talent and subject matter on display (and to encouage you to hopefully buy the book for your own personal library). Check out the teasers in the In My Humble Opinion section or, for the Men, just click here, and for the Women, just click here


Four monologues in the Men in their 20s volume, one in Women in their 20s, and one in Women in their 30s (all noted below). These are collections of 101 Monologues each, split out by gender and age, and split within each volume into categories such as: Angry/ Fed Up; Blunt/ Direct; Haunted/ Guilt-Ridden; High Strung/ Neurotic/ Stressed-Out; Intimidating/ Tough/ Dangerous; Joyful/ Enthusiastic/ Excited; Lonely/ Yearning; Lost/ Confused/ Trying to Make Sense; Maternal; Melodramatic; Nervous/ Awkward/ Uneasy; Persuasive/ Inspirational; Romantic/ In Love; Sexual/ Flirtatious; Troubled/ Pained/ Rough Life; Vulnerable/ Hurt/ Exposed; Wacky/ Quirky/ Odd; and Youthful/ Naive. Drilling down one level further, each monologue in those sections is tagged as either Dramatic, Comic, or Seriocomic. So there's all sorts of ways to zero in on the type of audition material you're looking for.

I'm working on getting sample lines from all the work in each of the volumes posted for your perusal (one book read, another nearly complete, two more to go). Meanwhile, if you're interested in purchasing one for your own personal library, just follow the links below...

All four volumes in the set are edited by Janet B. Milstein and have the same subtitle - 101 Monologues by Type, 2 Minutes and Under

Audition Arsenal for Women in their 20s - purchase from: Barnes & Noble or

Audition Arsenal for Men in their 20s -

purchase from: Barnes & Noble or

Audition Arsenal for Women in their 30s - purchase from: Barnes & Noble or

Audition Arsenal for Men in their 30s -

purchase from: Barnes & Noble or (I don't have any material in this one but why not have the whole collection, right?)

Both B&N and Amazon have the books searchable under both Audition Arsenal and editor Janet B. Milstein.

The six chosen monologues break down into three from Heaven and Home, and three from Leave (The Surface of the World). There was also one that made the cut but had its category eliminated from this round of books (with luck, it'll be back for the next round) - it came from The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon. You can find more detail and links to those speeches further down on the front page here.


Audition Arsenal features two female monologues: both from Gabby in Heaven and Home - click on the quotes or pictures below to see the full monologues...

"It's just -- words. Three words. They don't mean anything anymore."

- found in the Lonely/Yearning category of the Women in their 30s volume

"I can't do this. This. What we're doing. You. Me. Movies in the dark on my bed."

- found in the Vulnerable/Hurt/Exposed category of the Women in their 20s volume

Four male monologues: one from Vincent in Heaven and Home - click on the quote or picture below to see the full monologue...

"There's this huge chunk of my life now that's gone completely out of focus." - found in the Angry/Fed Up category of the Men in their 20s volume

Two from Nicholas in Leave (The Surface of the World) - click on the quotes or pictures below see the full monologues...

"I can't be unselfish where you're concerned. I need you with me." - found in the Angry/Fed Up category of the Men in their 20s volume

"I need you near me in the dark. So I can feel safe again." - found in the Vulnerable/Hurt/Exposed category of the Men in their 20s volume

One from Seth in Leave (The Surface of the World) - click on the quote or picture below to see the full monologue...

"Except for loving you, being a Marine's the only thing I ever got right. It's the only thing that even comes close." - found in the Persuasive/Inspirational category of the Men in their 20s volume

As an added bonus - One from David in The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon - (when the Men in their 20s volume had a Sexual/Flirtatious category, this speech was slotted in. Right now it's in a holding pattern, publication-wise) - click on the quote or pictures below to see the full monologue...

"I mean, do you ever just do anything?"


As of 3/28/10, it's Day 433 of the administration of President Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America - it's so nice to be able to say that. Counting up a presidency, rather than waiting for it to count down and run its course. I feel better by the day.

Oh, and you can also find various bits and pieces of me elsewhere on the web - still being upgraded (my first home in the ether still gets the bulk of my time and attention) - at Minnesota Artists Online,,,, [I'm set up on, even though I'm not much of a message board person] and yes, even MySpace and Facebook

Thanks for stopping by.

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"Pucker up for the kiss of death."

For a closer look at one of my scripts - click on the picture or quote above. Click the "Refresh" button on your browser for new quotes and pictures.

"I shouldn’t. I have a foot at home."

For a closer look at one of my scripts - click on the picture or quote above. Click the "Refresh" button on your browser for new quotes and pictures.


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