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Week of September 25, 2016

Coming Up...

Reading of TV Boyfriend on October 18th

The reading of the full script of TV Boyfriend presented by Little Lifeboats will be on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 7:30pm at the Sandbox Theatre's rehearsal space - 3109 East 42nd Street in Minneapolis.  Lucas Skjaret will be directing.  The cast list is still coming together.  More details soon.  There have been a lot of changes in the months since February's reading in Workhouse Theatre Company's Greenhouse Project, so it'll be great to hear the whole thing in its new form.

Theater Reviews

A show with great artists that I wish I enjoyed more, Waiting For Waiting For Godot from Loudmouth Collective at Open Eye Figure Theater.

Other recent reviews for past shows include: Walking Shadow's The River, Denzel Belin's Dirty Story, Fire Drill's August performing artists' showcase Boiling Point, Off Leash Area's AfterWind, Jungle Theater's Le Switch, Skewed Visions' EX(remade), Gadfly Theater's Final Frontier new short play festival, Heroes and Villains edition; Park Square's Sons of the Prophet, Sandbox Theatre's Queens, Theatre Coup d'Etat's The Glass Menagerie, Walking Shadow's The Christians, 20% Theatre Company's 3rd annual Q-Stage showcase of new queer work - Set A, also Set B; Live Action Set's The Sparrow, Swandive Theatre's Kid Simple, a radio play in the flesh, Mixed Blood's Charm, Mission Theatre's Everything's Free, Workhaus Collective's Lasso of Truth, Theatre Coup d'Etat's Fight Night, Classical Actors Ensemble's spring rep of Julius Caesar and Macbeth, Nautilus Music Theater's The Fantasticks, Billy Mullaney's Semester Project, Lecture 1; Open Window Theatre's Everyman, Savage Umbrella's June, Walking Shadow's The Aliens, Sheep Theater's Tamburlaine, and Small Art's You Bring The Party.


My guitar teacher and I are getting close to finishing transposing the melody of "A Guy Who Can Fly" out of my head and onto paper so it can be included in the packet of materials with TV Boyfriend as I send it out into the world.  I'm using the song to learn to use the Musescore software so I can start sharing this and other music for my plays just like I share the words.

Mistletoe #1 and #2 to be published!

Mistletoe #1 and #2 are slated to be part of Smith and Kraus publishers' upcoming anthology "105 Five-Minute Plays for Study and Performance," due out this fall.  Along with Mistletoe #3 and #4, and Pitching Christmas #1 through #3, Mistletoe #1 and #2 were part of Little Lifeboats' 2015 holiday show "I Never Eat December Snowflakes."  (All of which reminds me, I need to upload those scripts to this website.  And hey, if you're planning ahead and looking for some holiday shorts, all of the Mistletoe and Pitching Christmas scripts are part of my Short Plays Volume 4)

Fringe Blogging

The 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival is in the history books.  If you want to relive a chunk of it that I saw, you can hit my blog's Fringe archive for 2016.

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